• MU students wrote down why they were proud to be an
American and placed their note on the post-it note flag (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

    Walker Center fellows help host Constitution Week

    Tweet Maria Glotfelter Features Editor Constitution week was recently held at Millersville University, aptly during the week of 9/11. Integral to the activities throughout the week were both the Walker Center and the student fellows ...
  • Cole Vohs (front left) competes against his fellow player in a strategic and thrilling (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

    Bringing Magic to MU

    Tweet Maria Glotfelter Features Editor Magic: The Gathering is a card game which has gained popularity over the years, especially among MU students. Magic Players at Millersville has been around for about four years, and ...
  • MU students may find themselves remembering important events in American history during constitution week.

    Back in time: An anthem is born

    Tweet Peyton Powell Staff Writer “O say can you see”: 203 years ago on this day, the most well-known and patriotic poem was written in the middle of a war. Today, we put this song ...
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    Best burrito buys

    Tweet Mickayla Miller News Editor 6. Chipotle While Chipotle is a chart-topper for most, it falls flat in comparison to some of its other competitors. The E.Coli scandal aside, this chain is turning into a ...