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    New feminist group tackles social injustices

    Tweet Sim ShahAssociate Features Editor For some, “feminism,” is a dirty, dangerous word that threatens to disrupt order. For others, it is simply the belief that people should have the same rights and be treated ...
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    Professors provide perspectives on campus change

    Tweet Simren Shah Associate Features Editor  Change. It is something we fear, something we strive for, an inevitability of life. Millersville University has gone through changes to become the place we know it as today. ...
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    Students enjoy snow days

    Tweet Bridget K. Murray Staff Writer As we near the end of February and make our way towards Spring, it is safe to say that this winter has been anything but mild. With five snow ...
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    Marauder spotlight: Cole Vohs

    Tweet Nick Hughes Opinion Editor Cole Vohs, a computer science major, plans on becoming a software developer after he graduates in Fall 2020. He is currently a junior. Vohs also plays Magic the gathering and ...