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    Back In Time: a revolutionary revision

    Tweet A revolutionary revision Maria Glotfelter Features Editor In the large scheme of history, America’s existence as a country is not that large. On this day in 1775, the American Revolution officially began. However, some ...
  • sports

    Becoming a NARP: Life after sports

    Tweet Abbey Daley Contributing Writer For those unfamiliar with the term NARP, it is a common phrase, used by student-athletes in both high school and college, meaning Non-Athletic Regular Person. The term carries a certain ...
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    Lancaster sponsors talent

    Tweet Marianne Caesar Staff Writer Encouraging students to use innovative thinking, Millersville University also sponsors events youth in the community to challenge themselves and broaden the way they think. This will be put to the ...
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    Students anticipate Superfest

    Tweet Marianne Caesar Staff Writer When the last four weeks of the semester finally arrive, there seems to be an immediate rush to work on last minute projects and stress levels increase. One exciting way ...