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    Dark Knights Metal Series

    Tweet Nick Hughes Opinion Editior There is a darkness in the air when it comes to DC comics. That is, when someone thinks of the Dark Knights Metal series that DC is currently running. Dark ...
  • Rian Johnson is set to create a new addition to the Star Wars universe. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

    New Additions Coming to the Star Wars Universe

    Tweet Nick Hughes Opinion Editor On November ninth the world was shocked when Lucasfilm released the following statement on their website, StarWars.com, “Lucasfilm is excited to announce that [Rian] Johnson will create a brand- new Star ...
  • NAACP hopes to involve the community.

    Millersville let’s get involved! the NAACP

    Tweet Sade Palmer Features Editor The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) originally formed in 1909 as a bi-racial organization to advance justice for African Americans. It’s been around at Millersville University ...
  • Global Education uses International Education week to provide information about study abroad opportunities and showcase cultural aspects of campus.

    International Education Week arrives at MU!

    Tweet Sade Palmer Features Editor It’s International Education Week here at Millersville and you’ve by now, you’ve probably had the chance to participate in the activities scheduled. Students and faculty have the chance to learn ...