Last spring the Millersville Faculty Senate held elections for new members. Millersville’s Faculty Senate meets every two weeks, on the first and third Tuesday every month during the school year.

Their purpose is to address various academic issues on campus; the Senate also serves as curriculum review for new courses and programs.

There are not specific qualifications for being on the Faculty Senate. “Every department elects one faculty member to serve as senator,” says Dr. Aimee Miller, senate secretary.

The responsibilities of being on the senate include attending the biweekly meetings, to direct focus on certain issues on campus, along with evaluating new curriculum.

For students, the president of the Student Senate along with the president, Graduate Student Association attend the meetings of the Millersville Faculty Senate.

These meetings allow the Student Senate and the Graduate Student Association to be represented and have their opinions contributed. This also gives them a chance to ask questions.

The Faculty Senate and the Student Senate work with each other when topics on the two Senates’ agenda meet.

However, many students do not even know what the Faculty Senate is. The chair of the Faculty Senate, Dr. Margaret Börger-Greco, sets the agenda, keeps order, and acts as a tie breaker. She holds many other roles in Faculty Senate as well. Students are welcome to sit in on the senate meetings.

For information regarding senate, Borger-Greco can be contacted at The Faculty Senate will be a major benefit to students because of their work on many academic issues.

One example is that the Pennsylvania Department of Education changed rules regarding courses education majors needed to take.

This means the courses at MU need to be changed in order to accommodate these new rules. Overall, the Faculty Senate are making changes to better communicate with other campus organizations.