Ice Cream Shoppe grand opening

With the new addition of the Turkey Hill Ice Cream Shoppe in Gordinier, many questions have begun to run through my head; number one being, “Why did they wait so long to put this in?”

When I came in as a freshman, this location, which once housed a “to-go” food station for students was nothing less than drab.  Having few options for food, students were forced to get the same food as upstairs in the cafeteria.  Even though this was convenient for those students who only had a brief break in between classes for lunch, the majority of students decided to retreat upstairs and take the time to sit and enjoy a much wider variety of food.

I cannot even describe how happy I am that this new ice cream shoppe  is almost complete. I?am slightly dissapointed in the fact that I no longer live oncampus and partake in the food consumption within the dining hall walls. I wish that this option could have been available for me as an on campus, dorm student a few years back.

There are plenty of food options on campus. With the dining halls, “to-go” places, Gordies, The Galley, and the various small operations, a new change of pace with the ice cream shoppe will help to add variety to the campus.

Students will definitely take advantage of having this at their disposal, whether it be for an after-meal snack, or substituting their breakfast food with ice cream.
Even though I do not normally eat on campus, I have a feeling I will be stopping by the Ice Cream Shoppe for an extra pick-me-up during those long days on the University grounds. I can just ask my parents to put more money into my Marauder Gold account. They don’t have to know that it is for the sole purpose of ice cream buying.