Trills and Triumphs music series

Dr. Anita Renfroe gave a preview performance on the harpsichord Thursday September 4. She began introducing the series with her pleasant southern drawl, explaining each piece she would play and giving a background on each composer.

Dr. Renfroe played three pieces by composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti and George Frederic Handel.

She gave an in depth description for each piece and even used volunteer students to demonstrate her Bach composition.

Three students played in a small skit using their cell phones and pretended to talk as their professor played her selection on the harpsichord.

This illustration was used to show that the piece, first fugue, had three competing themes to it.

Each student would step forward and “speak” on the phone in unison with each theme as she smoothly changed from section to section.

Students help demonstrate the intricacy of composer Bach. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Students help demonstrate the intricacy of composer Bach. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Dr. Renfroe played beautifully and expertly, never missing a note.

It was obvious she truly loved performing and had prepared each piece with precision. She closed the program with Handel’s Suite in G minor. After completing the last piece, she cordially thanked the audience and invited them to come view her next performance at St. James Episcopal Church in Lancaster City.

The public is invited to attend all future shows. The music department really wants people to be able to experience this series so all performances are free to the public and everyone is welcome to come.

The series is called the Saint Cecilia Series and continued Sunday Sept. 7. The rest of the dates will be announced soon.