Behind the Grades: New Orchestra Conductor

Reuben Blundell, a Melbourne, Australia native, is among the newest faculty members of the school. As the new orchestra conductor, Blundell brings much knowledge and experience with him. He just finished his residency at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, and is now working to receive his doctorate.

Blundell arrived in the United States in 2003 after receiving the opportunity to play in the New World Symphony (NWS). The NWS is a leading symphony dedicated to training the “best of the best” orchestra people. In addition to the NWS, he conducted the Miami’s Young Musicians’ Orchestra.

Blundell has also participated in conducting workshops with the Bakersfield Symphony in California, the Naples Philharmonic and New World Symphony in Florida, the Rochester Philharmonic at Eastman, the League of American Orchestras in Michigan and the Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmanian Symphony orchestras.

Since landing a job at Millersville, Blundell has not had much time to rest.
Just last week, he was back to his native country. He flew back to Pennsylvania on Sunday night and was ready to teach Monday morning despite the 14-hour time difference.

“It’s really just the adrenaline that keeps me going,” said Blundell.

Blundell teaches general music education courses, violin, and conducting. “I enjoy teaching my Arts and Culture class,” said Blundell. “Some students have no knowledge of music; some have never been exposed to it. I’m really hoping I can make them feel welcome.”

Blundell finds passion in getting all areas of studies involved with the orchestra department.

“I want to provide the opportunity for everyone on campus to come to the concert,” said Blundell.

Pennsylvania is quite the switch from Australia, and even from other parts of the United States for that matter. One of the newest things for Blundell is to see corn fields on his way to work.

“I’ve directed and have pieces that are set in the country,” said Blundell. “It’s nice to finally have a sight, a smell, and a taste of what it’s actually like.”

“I would really like to encourage students to come out and see a concert,” said Blundell. “If anyone is interested in playing in a concert, I urge them to get in contact with me.”