I?have heard people complaining about the changes in the Health Services hours and their services. However, I?feel that the changes are more realistic in what we should expect.

Last year, we were one of the very few colleges that still offered round – the – clock care. Just now did we change to what most colleges have already implemented.

In past years, waiting room times were unknown and usually long. It was always funny while sitting in the waiting room to see each entering student’s face when they turned the corner to see that all waiting room chairs were filled.

If you are all worked up about what to do if you?have an emergency during after hours, here is a fact: the emergencies that came in at night were either not emergencies or simply needed hospital attention. Use the university police for emergencies or just take care of yourself. Sore throats or sprained ankles can wait util the morning.

In speaking with Holly Freas-Webster, most night visits were either alcohol related or inappropriate. If you are going to drink, and especially underage drink you cannot expect Health Services to take care of you or your friend, and now it is a reality.

I?have just recently visited Health Services by calling in and making an appointment. As soon as I checked in and sat down my name was called!

It is a reality that after we get out of college we will have to call to make appointments at the doctor’s office or dentist’s office and I think we should get into this practice.

Allison Hengst is a senior majoring in communication with an option in broadcasting. She is an assistant opinion editor for the Snapper.