Two cents on drinking

Thanks to Nina Theofiles for her article in the Sept. 4, 2008 issue about the recent changes at Health Services.

I would like to make one correction.

The article stated that Health Services night-time visits were 3 percent of the total visits. It was actually .03 percent.

Additionally, please note that Dr. Rigilano has office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday most weeks during the semester.

Jenny Monn, NP, has office hours Monday through Friday in the afternoon and evening.

Please call to schedule an   appointment instead of “walking in.”

Here is my two cents about the drinking age. It is not so much about changing the legal age. It is about changing risky behavior.

Each one, regardless of age makes a choice to use good judgement when drinking or to risk harm.

There are many people in our campus community who will be happy to discuss choices with you.

Do not hesitate to call Health Services or the Counseling Center if you need help with making a good choice.

I?also like the Poetry Corner in the Arts and Culture section.

Nurse Supervisor,
Holly Freas-Webster


Front page story scrutinized

So I read today’s Snapper cover-page articles. I must commend Spencer Shambaugh for writing a great article with educated points.

He discusses actual issues such as education, health care, environment, and the economy.
A well-written, thoughtful article. However, your article again, has failed to include any educational thought and sites no facts and fails to present any issues of concern to the Amercan people in this election.

As Editor-In-Chief, I am aware that you decide what is placed in the paper.

Therefore, I urge you to place mindful articles which present a balanced approach to actual issues when placing political articles in the paper.

Your article refers to McCain and Palin as mavericks…are we referring to the wild west or a presidential campaign?

Also, McCain’s statement of losing a war is absurd. We have lost the war. We spend 10-12 billion dollars a month on it and continue to deepen our country’s national deficit, which is already at the highest in American History.

Please present facts and issues in your articles.

This is the worst form of political journalism I have ever read, but then again, McCain’s team has done a solid job of convincing you to continually present mindless information to the American people and students of Millersville University without once addressing an issue of concern to the aforementioned people.

Adam Mentzer