Who are those people in the blue uniforms?

Millersville University recently took action to protect students, following stabbing that occurred on Sept 6 near the Brooks Hall tennis courts. The addition of the security guards was Millersville University’s reaction to help students feel safe during the time after the incident.

The security guards, hired from Security Guards Inc, have been previously used for football games or other extra-curricular activities on campus.

Based out of Reading, the company was hired to walk around campus and keep an eye on things as the incident of the stabbing faded out this past week.

“They were hired because there were not enough officers,” said Chief Silcox, of the MUPD.

The University has two commissioned officers on staff. In response to this, discussion has risen on whether or not security guards should continue to monitor campus activity.

“This is always something we explore with a briefing,” said Aminta Breaux, VP of student affairs. “We are not sure if they are warranted to have them here on a regular basis.”

The security guards were present on campus Monday through Sunday, from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Six guards were responsible for foot patrol around the University grounds. They had a general presence in the academic buildings as well as the dormitories.

A security officer on duty. Photo by Carla Anderson.
A security officer on duty. Photo by Carla Anderson.

“I think that we should just have robots,” said Senior Erika Rakow.

Most students found that there was a lack of information from the University on why these individuals were on campus. “I asked them what was going on, and they said it was a change of policy between old and new ideas,” said Sophomore Hannah Emig. ‘I thought they gave me a roundabout answer.”

Some students found that this action did not affect them. “Being a commuter student, it didn’t really affect me,” said Sophomore Kyle Ream. “I didn’t really notice a big difference.”

“I understand people are concerned, but I think it makes people feel uneasy if there are police around making controversy,” said Junior Ed Roseboro. “I think it’s a waste of money and they are to add them permanently is a waste of time.”

Some students feel that there can never be too much security on campus. “I thought that it was a good idea that they were walking around campus,” said Sophomore Kate Kane. “I feel safe on campus already because of the blue emergency phone towers.”

Trying to keep an eye out for the alleged stabber, the security guards main purpose was to be a presence on campus for the students.

Parents had called into the University with concern if students had night classes, requiring them to walk across campus at a later hour of the night.

To clarify, the guards were not on campus in response to the newly effective smoking ban on campus grounds.

They were not able to fine students, but they were able to tell them to put out their cigarettes.

In the occurrence of an incident, the guards were to report directly to MUPD. “We kept them on the table as we looked at the incident,’ said Breaux.