MUPD brings a new vehicle to campus.

The Millersville University police department recently started using a vehicle, which changes the effectiveness of the safety precaution on campus.

A 2008 Ford Explorer, fully loaded with the normal police package for vehicles along with a truck vault in back, allows the police to have access to numerous tools, during any incidences that may arise on campus grounds.

MUPD's new Ford Explorer is equipped to help officers address incidents that may take place on campus. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Established as an “Incident Command Vehicle,” the MUPD has access to data, along with maps of the University and a large dry erase board.

Because police vehicles put on so many miles, the department gets new vehicles every one to two years.

“We saw a need for a vehicle like this, with all the incidences such as the one at Virginia Tech,” said Detective White of the MUPD. “If we have a major incident, we can have a mobile command and can pull information in an effective way through the databases.”