PSA contest encourages alcohol awareness

Alcohol Awareness week begins the week of Oct .20 and during that time a Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest will take place at Millersville, hosted by the Division of Student Affairs.

Students will receive $500 in cash prizes. In an effort to shed light on the issues surrounding drinking responsibly, the PSA contest will be open to all students.

Those interesting in submitting a public service announcement must submit it in one of the following forms: 30 second video announcements (on Media File or Quick Time), 30 second audio announcements in MP3 form, three column by ten-inch printed announcements on .PDF. or an electronic announcement on a .PDF.

Entries can be submitted beginning Oct 13 and must be submitted by Oct 17.

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All submissions must be sent to John Baltzer, Millersville’s Alcohol and Other Drugs counselor. Those interested should contact John at 872-3122 or

Contestants must use information that is provided by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) on their website,

Also, freshmen from the past two years are welcome to use their CHOICES Workbooks to gather information for their public service announcement.

Baltzer said, “I think that if they [students] see any of the PSAs they are going to be inclined to think about what’s really going on.” Baltzer also encourages students to understand that not everyone drinks as much as students are led to believe.

“I’m hoping this will be one of the largest ways to reach as many people as anything we’ve done so far,” Baltzer said.

Baltzer also mentions the “maturing-out” process (when the stereotype of drinking excessively is realized to be untrue), which is often accelerated when they are provided with information.

The panel of judges is still to be determined but it will include both active members of the community, as well as a mix of faculty and staff.

The winning entries will be chosen on Oct. 22.