Are these teams for real or not the deal after week 6 in the NFL?

This NFL season has been as unpredictable as any other season and it seems that the NFL is upside down at the moment.

I guess that anyone could argue that that is the beauty of the NFL. It is hard to remember a season where there were so many underdog teams doing so well early in the season.

Which of those surprise teams are legitimately a good team? Who is “For Real” and who is “Not the Deal?”

Arizona Cardinals (4-2), Not the Deal:

The Arizona Cardinals look good on the offensive side of the ball, averaging almost 30 points a game, but their defense does not look so hot.

Let’s remember that defense wins championships and the Cardinals defense looks absolutely horrible. Though their defensive line is doing well, their secondary looks just as bad as last season.

And to be honest, I do not see it getting any better. The Cardinals defense has too many weaknesses to be considered a true contender, give them a year or two, but this is not their season.

Atlanta Falcons (4-2), Not the Deal:

Many analysts said that the Falcons were going to be the worst team in the NFL, but surprisingly enough they are not.

The Falcons are winning in ways that are unexplainable and in my opinion it is safe to say that they will not continue to win games. They have an average offense, even though Michael Turner has been a beast and an average defense. In the NFL, the only thing that average gives you is an average record.

Buffalo Bills (4-1), For Real:

Oh yeah, this is an awesome team! They have some of the best building blocks I have seen from a team in a long time.

Trent Edwards gets better with every game, Jason Peters is slowly becoming the NFL’s best left tackle and Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson from Coe College have become the NFL’s most underrated running back duo.

Though the Bills defense needs some work, they are still a team to watch out for. This may sound a little crazy to some, but the Bills are about two seasons away from becoming serious Super Bowl contenders.

Carolina Panthers (4-2), For Real:

When the Panthers went into the first round of this year’s draft and chose Jonathon Stewart with the thirteenth overall pick, I thought they were crazy and they were making a bad decision.

Man oh man, it looks like I may be wrong about that one; Stewart has given the Panthers that second running back that is necessary to their offense.

The Panthers are not scoring a ton of points on offense but they look similar to the Panthers from their Super Bowl 38 season.

If their defense could keep playing as tough as they have been and their offense becomes more consistent, the Panthers could be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL.

Denver Broncos (4-2), Not the Deal:

It seems that many people are high on the Broncos, and to be honest, they should not be. I will say this, Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal and Ryan Clady have looked fantastic so far, but the rest of the team has looked average at best.

Denver’s defense needs a lot of work, you cannot be considered a serious contender if you are giving up about 26 points a game.

If the Broncos want to make the playoffs they need to be more consistent on offense and they need better performances from their defensive from seven.