Americans go through 2.5 million plastic bottles every year and there are a lot of plastic bottles at Millersville. Millersville is very proactive in making numerous bins available to students and faculty to recycle their bottles. However, I see bottles in the garbage cans right next to the recycling bins! Please take notice that there are recycling bins practically next to every garbage can on campus and if there is not, just walk the extra ten steps to one, if you do not, I would call it pure laziness.

It is not all about plastic though. In 2000, recycling prevented 49 million tons of paper products from going into landfills. With that being said I have been seeing numerous stacks of unclaimed printouts at computer labs all over campus. Who prints all this stuff and much less just leaves it there in front of the printer? If you print something that you do not need, put it in the recycling bin. Printing unneeded things costs the campus money which is your money in paper and ink supply so try not to waste it.

It is really not that hard to have an extra place at your house, room or apartment for recyclables. Most off-campus dumpsters have recycling bins next to them so when you take out your garbage take out your recyclables too. Recycling is a habit, so practice it. I was brought up to recycle and I know many people were not. At home we recycle numerous items, not just plastic and paper. All I am asking, is for the campus to be more conscious on recycling your paper and bottles.

Allison Hengst is a senior majoring in communications with an option in broadcasting. She is the Opinion Editor for The Snapper.