We'll make the Great Escape

[Web Ed. Note: See Also, Q&A with LIGHTS]

As it gets dark in Pucillo gym, Lights appears on stage, she is the first of the Boys Like Girls concert opening acts.

Though she does all the singing and playing on the record herself, Lights is accompanied by a drummer and keyboard player when playing live. She sang all six songs from her newly released EP, plus two that will be included on her full length recording due out in December.

Lights played keyboard and keytar during most of her song. When she just sang, she danced around the stage in bare feet or perched herself on an amp, sitting with her knees up to her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs.

Lights was absolutely adorable, when she sang, spoke or just stood there. Most of her songs are sweet, whimsical, little pieces.

“I feel bright when you stand near/ I know what I am when you are here/ My place becomes so clear.”

Next up was Cute Is What We Aim For. It appears they should aim a little higher.

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Blood Drive

This was the second time I have seen them live, and honestly, they did much better last time.

I remember really enjoying their show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster City. However, this time around they just did not match up.

Plus, the fact it was the first time I have ever heard a shout out for all guys who give girls a few more drinks to make things a little easier. Sound like winners to me.

The back up singer should consider taking the lead and the lead singer may just want to find a new job. All in all, their set was nothing too special.

Then Boys Like Girls came on and everything was ok. They put on an amazing show. Lead singer, Martin Johnson , said he did not care if you loved or hated them or if someone had dragged you to the concert, he wanted to see you move while you were there.

No one seemed to have a problem with this, as everyone was jumping up and down and dancing throughout their set. BLG played most of their hit songs, along with a cover of Frou Frou’s “Let Go.”

This was possibly the most exciting concert moment I have ever experienced: one of my favorite bands doing one of my even more favorite bands songs, does not get much better than that.

Some bands fall short during live shows, but Boys Like Girls never once disappointed the crowd. Martin and lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni pretended to make out on stage and Martin came down and got up close and personal with the crowd.

Boys Like Girls played a long set of songs, including The Great Escape, Hero/Heroin, and Thunder.

The concert was an overall success and opened and closed brilliantly. Though Cute Is What We Aim For offended all girls with any respect for themselves, not even they could ruin a great show.

Lights was able to introduce her music to a whole new audience, one all too ready to fall in love with her. Boys Like Girls were able to entertain fans who already had all their songs memorized.