Behind the desk: Bryan Behrenshausen

Bryan Behrenshausen was heavily influenced by the communications department as a student at Millersville. Now, as an instructor at his alma mater, he is giving back to students.

Behrenshausen attended Millersville from 2001 until 2005. While at MU, he was involved with the Snapper as a co-news editor during his freshman year, and with WIXQ as a news coordinator during all four years. He also wrote for the Reading Eagle.

He said that being involved with campus organizations “shaped his college experience,” and that Millersville’s organizations give students plenty of “practical real-world experience.”

Upon graduation from MU, Behrenshausen proceeded to complete graduate school at the University of Maine in two years.

He credits his success in grad. school to MU.

“The [communications] department prepares students very well for graduate school,” said Behrenshausen.

He is currently an instructor at Millersville, where he teaches Communications Studies courses including research methods, media criticism and public speaking.
Behrenshausen is glad to be back at Millersville.

“I have fond memories, and I owe this place a lot. I was more than happy to find a job available here,” he said.  “It was an interesting transition coming back as a professor.”

Behrenshausen said he sometimes finds himself walking out of the Hash building and towards his old dorm, instead of to the faculty parking lot.

Outside of class, his students still take up most of his time. However, he doesn’t mind.

“My students are great. They remind me of my friends when I was a Communications major,” he said.

Now, Behrenshausen lives in Lancaster with his wife, Kate, who teaches high school English.

They both enjoy music and frequently attend concerts and shows. Behrenshausen also enjoys video games.

“I enjoy playing video games, writing about video games and writing about playing video games,” he said.