Four years is not enough

The final stretch of the Presidential Election is finally in sight and all I think of is: it’s about time. On November 5th, the countless political television ads, irritating phone calls and annoying lawn signs will all mercifully end.

Many of the nation’s political commentators on TV and in print will provide hours upon hours of analysis, describing how the election was won and lost. But once the results are in and a new Commander in Chief is sworn in, a new question arises: Where do we go from here? We are facing some very difficult problems that will not be resolved overnight: the financial crisis, illegal immigration, and global conflicts to name a few.

Both of the candidates say they have detailed plans to fix the problems facing our great country, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. I am here to tell everyone that neither candidate will be able to attend to every issue they promise to correct.

So what can we do as everyday citizens to help?

Regardless of your political affiliation or vote in the election, it is important that we give to support to whoever is running our country.  If it is true that most voters only care about the issues and not the mudslinging, then it should also be true that all voters care about what gets accomplished.

This is a very critical time in American history and results are more important than partisanship in Washington. We need elected officials from both parties to fix messes that they helped to start i.e., illegal immigration and the Wall Street meltdown.  This is what they are supposed to get paid for, right?

If the next president truly cares about addressing the current issues, we as the American public, need to make sure that we are behind them. After all, it is our future at stake.

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