Thank you, Dr. Liffick and Silent Witnesses

I would like to thank Dr. Blaise Liffick and the Silent Witnesses for their enlightening demonstration of the free-flow of ideas and democratic learning that our university embodies. By blocking the protestors, they ensured that no one here at Millersville would be forced to use their critical thinking skills to either dismiss or accept the propositions of Repent America.

Using their method of blocking the offensive images, they show the university community how we ought to operate. Clearly, all offensive communication should be censored.

If we could only stop these ideas from being spread, discussed, and analyzed on their merits, the underlying issues would be resolved. If disagreeable speech is silenced, then the ideas these words represent will disappear , this clearly worked throughout history, in the American North and South when slavery advocates and opponents were banned, respectively, from spreading their messages. It clearly solved the problems – the Civil War in 1861 was surely anomalous.

I would especially like to highlight an amazing piece of logic that Dr. Liffick provides. In his third paragraph, he tells us that the violence on other campuses was created by “students who were clearly pushed too far by what are considered `fighting words.’

This is patently obvious; realistically, students cannot be expected simply to walk away from words or images they find offensive. They must respond with insensate violence; after all, adults of legal voting age cannot be expected to be so reasonable.

I am just so grateful that we have men and women like Dr. Liffick and the Silent Witnesses on campus here – I am sure that we all sleep better at night knowing that they are constantly on guard to prevent us, the rest of the student body, from being forced into the uncomfortable position of needing to use our mental faculties.

David Misal, Junior
BSE Social Studies, History