Love, Little Italy style

We have all fallen in love, gotten our heart broken or questioned ourselves at some point in our lives. Well, this is what Italian American Reconciliation is all about.

Taking place in Little Italy, this play is narrated by one of its own characters Aldo Scalicki. Aldo takes you through a story in which he helps his friend Huey Bonfigliano resolve his love problems. In the process Aldo finds himself through a realization of what he has always been afraid of: love.

Director Anthony Elliot says “I like the play because of the storytelling. Aldo speaks directly to the audience and invites them into his world. Most of the characters are around the same age as students of Millersville, and this allows students to relate to the characters as well as the story.”

The cast is mixed with names from all stages at Millersville. Aldo Scalicki, the narrator and best friend of Huey, is played by Matthew Hudacs. He has been seen on stage in Millersville’s Comedy Show, Citimard Night Live I, II, and III. He has also had roles in Ann Frank and Shakespeare (Abridged).

Huey: a man looking for himself after a horrible divorce. He feels the only way to get back what he has lost, is to win his ex-wife Janice back. Huey is played by Ralph DeStefano who has been seen in Wanda’s Visit and ,Citimard Shorts.

Theresa, played by Leann Hart, is Huey’s current girlfriend. She is madly in love with him, but soon finds out that Huey plans to leave her to go back to his ex-wife. Theresa is sweet and caring, but she is not afraid to give Huey a piece of her mind. Leann Hart has performed in Urinetown, Little Shop of Horrors, and Wanda’s Visit.

Aunt May, the old wise woman of the group, is played by Chelsea Senic. Aunt May is less involved with the drama of this love quarrel and more involved in helping the characters find themselves as individuals.

This is Chelsea Senic’s first role at Millersville, however she was an Assistant Stage Manager for Criminal Hearts.

Janice, played by Linda Rae Krov, is the ex-wife of Huey. Janice feeds off her intimidation of other people. Linda Rae Krov has been seen in Urinetown, Once Upon A Mattress and The Importance Of Being Earnest.

This show is stage managed by Kim McGreal, who has been behind the scenes on such productions as the Valentines’ Day Monologues and Urinetown.

Show times are November 7, 8, 13, and 14 at 8p.m., also Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. on November 9 and 16. The show will take place on the third floor of Dutcher Hall. Tickets are sold in the SMC for ten dollars, seven for MU students.

This show is a folktale, so it promises to teach the audience a life lesson, as well as to make your sides hurt from repeated laughter. Make sure you check it out! The University Theater and production department is sure all who attend will not be disappointed.