McLaughlin wins second Player of the Week award

Once again, a Millersville Men’s soccer player was awarded the PSAC East player of the week.

This makes it four straight weeks that the team has earned this achievement, and it is the second time Senior Sean McLaughlin was honored.

The players are obviously proud of their individual success, but more so of the overall success the team has had this season.

McLaughlin was thrilled with the chance to accept the award for the second time, but instead of praising his own ability, he stressed the importance of working together as a unit and attributed that to his fine season.

“The team makes this possible for me.  The honor is a team award to me, and I appreciate them,” said McLaughlin

“We have been together for so long now that guys know where I am on the field.  I get myself into position to finish off a goal, but it’s my teammates that get the ball to me.”

McLaughlin has a nose for the goal, leading his team in goals scored with nine, and overall points scored, 20, thus far.

He is a key contributor to Millersville’s soccer team reaching its highest ranking in school history.  They moved up two spots and are now sitting at sixth in the nation.

McLaughlin is undoubtedly one of Millersville’s top performers and enjoys the recognition he has received, but most importantly, he is excited by the attention his school and team are demanding around the NCAA.

The team’s expectations continue to rise as the season progresses, but not to the surprise of McLaughlin and his Marauder teammates.

“We knew how good we could be going into the season, but in the past we did not gain much respect.  Now we have earned it,” said McLaughlin

“We went in and beat consistent powerhouses like East Stroudsburg.  We beat them 4-1; at their place! It was my favorite point of the season.  We are now showing what we can do and getting the respect we deserve.”

The Marauders seemingly have molded together this season, putting on a display of how unity and team-play conveys both individual and team success.

The mentality that McLaughlin is succeeding with begins with Coach Widdowson and flows through to the rest of the team.

They believe in each other and anticipate each other’s moves.  They fight hard every game and are now being recognized for their achievements.

However, the season is still young in the eyes of McLaughlin.

“From the beginning, no one thought we would be this good or sixth in the nation.  We fought hard all season and have no intention of slowing down.

“We are doing something that hasn’t been done at our school before.  In reality we haven’t done anything just yet, though.  We can’t be satisfied.  Conference Champs, then the NCAA tournament.  The sky is the limit,” said McLaughlin.

Millersville visited Kutztown on Tuesday night, recording yet another victory.

They scored quick and often, and pushed their way past their conference foes, 4-0.  McLaughlin scored twice more in the drubbing, pushing his team high to 11 goals.

The Marauders head to Shippensburg on Saturday October 25, at 3:30, followed by the highly anticipated, nationally ranked East Stroudsburg rematch on Tuesday at 7:30.

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