After hearing the debates between McCain and Obama, looking at their policies and weighing my options, I decided that I am going to vote for Bob Barr in this presidential election. Barr supports minimal government involvement in people’s lives. He also makes a special point to apply the Constitution to his decisions, and makes sure the government is by the people and for the people.

Many may say that voting for a third party candidate, especially in a two party system, is a waste of a vote. I actually discussed this quandary with a friend of mine (he  happens to be a government major). He made the point that, even though Barr probably won’t win this election, the fact that people show support for a third party candidate is significant. It shows that people support an underdog candidate because he truly represents what they want and he isn’t just the lesser of two evils.

In the long run, your vote may be counted a “waste,” but really it expresses your true opinion on the subject. Besides, it will be nice to say “I didn’t vote for McCain or Obama in ‘08.”  This statement would only be relevant if the next president messes things up even more for this country. Don’t feel bound to just one specific party, because the beauty of a democracy is the right to vote for whoever you think will do a good job.