Move Review: "Saw 5"

If it is the season of scares, and I am not talking about the presidential election, then you can assume there is another Saw film. This year, Lionsgate Films gives gore enthusiasts their fifth installment in the series and as an annual tradition, I was in the audience opening weekend.

I do not understand why I or the millions of other fans flock to see these movies year after year. The direction is always horrible, acting always amateur, script always pathetic, and camera angles always off centered.

Nonetheless, viewing these ridiculous horror films during Halloween is like eating candy corn, you crave these things once a year and once you indulge, the desire instantly goes away for 12 months.

The plot of Saw V involves a couple of reoccurring FBI detectives investigating more stylistic murders similar to Jig Saw’s horrific puzzles.

Since the infamous murderer Jig Saw and his accomplice both died a few sequels ago, the detectives must find the new criminal mastermind through his or her connections to Jig Saw.

During their investigation five “strangers” are forced to kill, electrocute, burn, and dismember each other to survive another gruesome trap set to have them learn life lessons.

These Saw films are inevitably getting worse by sequel, but there is still enough novelty to produce an audience for Halloween. If these audiences are not scared, there are plenty of minor details in the film that accidentally bring laughter.

A personal favorite involved a scene of a detective typing a name into a computer database. His rapid moving fingers and intense sound of the keys would indicate that he is writing an essay for Dr. Bookmiller; however, the camera moves to the screen where it shows him typing a seven letter name.

Woops. There are also a plethora of cheesy scenes of dialogue that will have the audience cringing in pity for the writers.
Lines like, “What do we do?!” when two people are staring at a reciprocating saw that has to be used to fill a glass of their own blood. In a near death situation, this should not be the first thing to come to mind.

Overall, there is nothing new with this chapter in the franchise.

It is just a little worse than the last, and there is already a reality show dedicated to finding a screaming girl for the next film. As long as audiences keep grabbing for the candy corn in habit, there will be more Saw films produced for Halloween.

We all need to have a conference to collectively agree to stop seeing these films. Too much eye candy is a very bad thing.

My Grade: C-