Why not use the bus services?

The Red Rose transit buses are in operation every day for students to use. The bus runs between the university and to numerous places such as the Park City mall, Manor shopping center, other places around Lancaster and around campus.

This service is probably costly because the buses run constantly and use high amounts of gasoline.

This service is free for students to use and all you need to do is show your MU ID card. However, I feel that more students should use this service. Sometimes I?see only a few students on the bus at a time.

Why not use the service we paid for through tuition and save our own money on gasoline that we put into our own cars?

Some students that commute drive around campus every time their class changes to find a new spot. How about parking your car in one spot and walking to class all day or parking in the parking garage and taking the bus  to your classes all day?

When you are in the city you may have to park your car far away and walk or catch a cab or bus. Why do students not do the same at Millersville?

In the future plans of the campus it is speculated that the   interior campus parking may be eliminated.

In further speculation parking along Fredrick Street by McComsey and Caputo may eventually be closed off to create a more open grassy quad for students to walk freely across. Instead more exterior parking and more bike paths may be made.

In this case driving throughout campus may not be an option and we will have to leave our cars behind and use the bus services.

Look to see some changes in the future in the parking situations on campus.