Election of Obama sparks racisms flurry in minds of many

As people in the United States, and in fact the whole world, gathered to hear the results of the election, some were happy and some were disappointed. Of course, those who supported and voted for John McCain were upset and let down. On the other hand, Barack Obama fans rejoiced in their victory. Obama’s victory in this election is historic for African-Americans and is something that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, from what I have seen around campus and from what I have heard from others, some people decided to take the road of racism when referring to Obama.

First off, it is completely childish and stupid to be racist towards anyone for anything. Basing your opinion off of another person because of their race simply shows a lack of knowledge on your part. However, this “new” racism coming about, seems to be even more appalling. Some people disgusted with the election results have turned towards racist comments and jokes as a way to cut down Barack Obama-keep in mind I am not saying all McCain supporters are racist.

Turning to racist slurs and jokes as a way to show your opinion only results in showing your level of maturity.

I cannot begin to fathom how someone getting angry over their party losing an election would result in racism. People who never said anything racist before are now making jokes about Obama being black. This all stems from the bitterness of defeat. If you want to make fun of Obama for being a democrat, that is fine; if you want to make a joke about how he misspoke, that is also acceptable. Mocking a man based on his race is nothing more than cowardly.

We should be celebrating and unifying as a country. This is an historic event and should be respected, regardless of Obama’s party affiliation.

You can be upset that a Democrat won, but look at the history that was made on November 4. A non-white man was just elected President of the United States for the first time ever in the history of our country.

I think anyone, regardless of party politics, can join me in believing that this is an amazing event and shows our country’s advance towards a prosperous future. Cooperation is key in building a country, and if people decide to make racist jokes about the next president, that is just disappointing.