Project Green Lancaster is an initiative that is aimed to help inform Millersville students about our campus, and Lancaster’s increasing environmental awareness.

Dr. Stacey Irwin of Millersville’s Communications department is behind the project and built a website with two of her classes devoted to educating and illustrating the growing suspendibility movement in Lancaster. Dr. Stacey Irwin received a mini-grant that helped fund this initiative.

Besides the rhetoric of the event being environmental friendliness, Dr. Irwin had Free Trade coffee and organic milk for guests, advertised solely by the Internet, had a bio-degradable banner, and was held at Millersville University’s first “green” building, Stayer Hall.

There were a number of other groups promoting resources that are on par with Lancaster’s suspendibility.

Shawn O’Neal, of Conestoga DPI printing and imaging, printed the biodegradable banner for the event and spoke of other products such as his company’s UV drying techniques and the elimination of volatile organic compounds in their printing.

“We are able to print in smaller numbers, so if someone needs 250 flyers, we can do that instead of making them order 1000,” O’Neal said.

This is an excellent way of printing only what one would need to stay away from excess waste.

Alex Zorach, of Merit Exchange, was there and is behind the website Merit Exchange. Merit Exchange is an online bartering and networking site that has its own currency (merit) and is aimed at a shift towards saving and is conservation oriented.

Members of The Meteorological Society were present and offered brochures on both sides of the global warming argument.

Kelly of the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network, which is a group of businesses with the same goal of creating a more environmental and financially sustainable economy, was in attendance and shared many of the local businesses involved, which can be found in their “Green Pages”.

SSBN’s website says that the organization and its members support the triple-bottom line, “People, Planet, and Profit.”

Shawn O'Neal of Conestoga DPI printing and imaging shows biodegradable items his company produces. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Shawn O'Neal of Conestoga DPI printing and imaging shows biodegradable items his company produces. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Tom Simpson, Sustainability coordinator at F&M, is in charge of 85 acres of land that he is working to ease into use in some courses at Franklin & Marshall.

He commented, “I am pleased to see the cooperation between Lancaster City and its Green Community”. He contributes much of it to Lancaster’s Mayor Gray, who can always be found supporting great ideas such as this across the county.

Irwin said she was impressed by the group of environmentally-aware groups on campus, such as the Conestoga Club, but she expressed a desire for a recycling club.

“People are excited, but we’ve hit a level where people need to push on and continue the green trend,” Irwin said.

She kept the event as sustainable as she could and is a true leader in the environmentally conscious movement.