An Independent writer and political activist states that any rational human being would not only protect a human child but also not disregard women’s rights to abort.

Pro-life: Any human being who supports enslavement of women towards their “unwanted” child.

That “unwanted” child, surprisingly, has a soul whether we want to admit it or not said by many pro-life activists.

I question the integrity of any human being who denies supporting “killing” a child. No, people who support abortion would rather be known as “protecting” women from having “unwanted children”.

Pro-choice: The idea of protecting women but allows them to play God and determine a fetus’s life.

Many women, not all, and pro-choice activists are called rights of protection activists because they promote choice.

Why should a woman not be allowed to decide what she wants for her child?

Instead of telling each other “You’re wrong!” ask each other “How can we protect mother and child?” thus, pro-life activists don’t look like pompous judgers and pro-choice activists don’t look like murderers.

It’s as simple as that.