Letters to the editor: voting, God's impact

Think before we vote

President Obama is our leader starting Jan. 20, 2009; being a republican as I am, it is hard to except, but I will support my president.

It warps my mind understanding a liberal view point and how race should have anything to do with a presidential election.

Reading the recent Snapper and two very interesting articles, one regarding socialism and the other based on the president elect.

It has come to my attention that I have a beef with individuals who believe that the reason Barack Obama is a better choice then the republican nominee or any other nominee’s for president is based souly on skin color is absurd.

Americans should not vote to make history, or to believe that skin color can change a nation.

Americans should vote because they believe that their nominee can help strengthen America in her most troublesome times.

President Obama has the support of many Americans, but the question I have to pose: How many people actually voted based on the color of his skin and not the liberal ideas which will dominate Washington now?

America was built on values of hard work, competition, and believing in yourself.

A liberal mindset of equality, could cripple the very foundation which America is so losely standing on at this time.

It upsets me that individuals from here and my home state Ohio, believe that Obama will be a better president but never actually give me a reasoning to their choices.

There is absolutely, positively nothing wrong if you’re a Democrat, just prove your point with facts in a justifiable way.  I truly hope that republicans are as wrong about President

Obama as we have been saying.

I hope the man walks into office and makes every right decision that comes into hands.  I hope nothing but the best for President Obama.

Just let me state one thing, think before we vote America.

Joel Ogle
Sophomore, Government

God’s impact on our lives

In a previous opinion article in The Snapper, an argument was made that we shouldn’t question God.

There’s nothing wrong with questioning God, as long as you’re not questioning his authority.

How can you possibly question a being that created the universe and everything that it consists of?  You can, however, ask God all the questions you’d like.

Later in the article, the author questions why a God would let people suffer.  God does not want anyone to suffer, He only wants the opposite.

We all deserve to suffer though.  None of us are worthy of any joy that God lovingly gives us.

As God presents us with this opportunity to be joyful, he also presents every individual with a free will.

Every person has choices to make, and they can either choose to accept God or reject him.  How is this control?

God is the definition of forgiveness.  Does he always forgive people?  Yes, as long as they are truly sorry for what they have done.

Of course he doesn’t just forgive blindly, because he can read our hearts and minds.

This doesn’t mean that pain and suffering will cease to exist after God has forgiven that person, especially if we’re dealing with a severe crime.

God promises to forgive those who come to him with a sorrowful and humble heart.

There is a lesson to this.  If we don’t forgive someone, then we are increasing our pain.

We introduce hate and vengeance toward the person, which only worsens the situation further.

We must forgive others, and ourselves, so that ultimately we may each be given that incredible gift of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

This is love.

Patrick Selmer &Travis Toth
Juniors, Meteorology