Dr. Martha Widmayer has been teaching at Millersville University for 19 years out of the  26 years she has dedicated to educating students globally.

As far as her own education, Widmayer attended Marymount College in New York for her undergraduate degree and continued her education at American University in Washington, D.C. and the University of Miami.

Widmayer also participated in several extracurricular activities, including volunteer work, dramas at various school for the handicapped, other drama work, teaching for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the LSAT, as well as being involved in social services.

Widmayer enjoys writing, especially fiction and poetry. “I used to work for magazines so I’d have things published there.”

Widmayer worked at local magazines and newspapers throught Florida, Maryland, and Washington D.C. She has also worked for the government checking homes involved in the Head Start program as well as being a court reporter.

Her favorite subject to teach at Millersville is Shakespeare. “That was my speciality so I feel at home teaching that.” And her favorite Shakespeare play is Macbeth. “For some reason, it fascinates me; there is something about Macbeth,” said Widmayer.

Widmayer also enjoys traveling. “I go to Florida quite a bit and travel when I can.”
She majored in English during her education and although interesting in Astronomy, the math requirements kept her from pursuing it.

In fact, when Widmayer was a student herself, “The last thing I wanted to be was a teacher,” said Widmayer.

Soon her feelings towards teaching changed and she realized her passion for it.

“You go out there and find that school is great and that your always learning something,” said Widmayer.

Widmayer taught in the Bahamas as part of a program based out of the University of Fort Lauderdale.

Widmayer was born in Virginia and grew up in Maryland.
She enjoys traveling and taking driving trips. She loves victorian literature and victorian poetry.

Among the many jobs Widmayer has held, she has spent time in Ireland as a secretary for an engineer. “I went over there to get a job, I got a job, but they didn’t pay anything!” said Widmayer.

She has also taught junior high and high school English courses. “Kids are terrific but you always want to play with them! I never liked telling them to sit in their desks,” which led Widmayer towards the college atmosphere.

Although she admits that she does not enjoy the cold climate faced at Millersville for four months of the year.