Bringing local music to Millersville

WIXQ’s “Q-Stock” showcased art, music and more. It was open to Millersville students and  people from Lancaster alike.

Around 60 people turned out for WIXQ’s first annual Q-Stock. On Wednesday Nov. 19, Club de ’Ville was filled with the sound of local music and those who wanted to support it.  It went from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. People in Club de ’Vlle sat in big easy chairs and were able to play and watch others play Wii tennis. The game may have been a simulation, but the player’s ambitions to win were not.

Jeff Rawson and Erik Golden of WIXQ talked about how MU’s own radio station looked at Q-Stock as a way to reach out to local businesses, and to help bring a taste of the diverse Lancaster city art and music scene to the Millersville Campus.

“We think it’s going really well, and we’re excited over the results of an idea we had just two weeks ago,” said Golden.

Throughout the night, WIXQ’s DJ Bruce, Bruce Geetz, spun old vinyl records, including some 70’s funk and classic rock. Music from the 90’s includes some hip-hop, future funk and other genres. The event featured artists such as James Brown, Doobie Bros., The Beatles, and Blood, Sweat and Tears.

“I think it is a great turnout for a Wednesday night, and for the first hour. Kids are here, buying things, I think it’s a good start,” said DJ Bruce.

Fans of old vinyl were treated to an excellent selection, which was sold by Lancaster record stores, Bonafide Records and Mr. Suit records. They Sold selections of newer and older vinyl to suit many tastes.

Rick Noll of Bona-Fide Records discussed his impressions of Q-Stock.

“The Q-stock was a blast and a swell way to spend a night.  I have been selling vinyl for 25 years, as well as trying to run an indy label with mixed results,” he said

“There seemed to be a big interest in classic rock at the show, as I sold Led Zep, the Beatles, Stones, Dylan and even the Woodstock LP.  Also I sold a few punk LPs and a fair bit of jazz and soul. Overall, it was a festive evening and I was fun to hang out with my friends, as well as meeting the students and the radio station staff,” said Noll.

Millersville students peruse through music goodies of all kinds at Q-Stock. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Millersville students peruse through music goodies of all kinds at Q-Stock. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Esro Jenkins, an artist from Lancaster, displayed original works of his own creations, using numerous mediums including spray paints and acrylics, “I paint on anything I can get my hands on,” said Jenkins.

He admited to having no formal artistic training, but was clearly talented anyway.

“I’ll do whatever to make a piece look good, I’ll try anything to gain experience and practice by modeling other peoples works as I strive to create original works of my own,” Jenkens said.

Gretchen Marie, an artist and model from Lancaster, displayed original multi-media works.

“I’m just excited to be part of a fun event like this,” she said.

Marie’s pieces ranged from those inspired by reality to more fantasy driven works.

“I create artwork depicting aspects of my own everyday life,” Marie said.

Sara Gallo-Cornell, an MU senior majoring in fine arts worked primarily with metals. On display at Q-Stock were some of her original works, that were not made of metal, however. She created these works using a sweet sounding medium: candy.  To create her pieces, Gallo-Cornell set candy in a resin so the piece will not become old.

“I love using candy because it comes in bright colors that are not achievable on metal,” Gallo-Cornell said.

WIXQ hosts first annual local music celebration at Club de' Ville. The event featured the music and art of artists from the Lancaster area. Photo by Christian Shuts.
WIXQ hosts first annual local music celebration at Club de 'Ville. Photo by Christian Shuts.