Last laugh before finals

Citamard, along with the help of host Brian Henninger, is proud to present the fourth showing of Citamard Night Live.  On Friday, Dec. 5 and 6 at 8 p.m., Rafters Theater will be transformed into a comedy club featuring hilarious performances from Millersville students.  Each year, the show gets bigger and the acts get funnier.

This year’s performance promises nothing different and will feature two veterans of CNL, Jimmy Walck and Matt Hudcas.  This year will also feature three  new comers; Andrew Calhoun, Alex Dorsheimer, and Chris Burton.

“All of the comedians Ricky and I chose are very unique and bring something different and to the table,” said Henninger.

Henninger and his brother started CNL the spring of 2007.  Now, four shows later, the comedy night is more successful than they ever could have imagined.  This is Henninger’s first year hosting the show without his brother by his side.

He is naturally a bit nervous, but he is also extremely proud of how much their idea has grown.

“It makes me feel so great that I did something here at Millersville.  I am a senior now and when I graduate I will be leaving something behind that me and my brother started,” said Henninger.

Although he is graduating, Brian already has a well-qualified successor in mind to keep up the tradition.

Henninger has not done all the work himself.  He gives much of the credit to all of the comedians he selected, but gives notable mention to comedian Matt Hudcas and Ricky Hutchins.

“Without Ricky, this night would not be possible,” Said Brian.

Matt Hudacs is no rookie when it comes to the stage; he has performed in all of the past Citamard comedy nights and played the sly and witty character, Aldo, in Italian American Reconciliation.

“I like to think of comedy as Russian Roulette.  There is always someone who bombs on stage, you just cross your fingers and hope that it isn’t you,” Said Hudacs.

Hudacs is hoping for yet another successful night. His inspiration comes from observing other people and finding the humor in every day life.

“I get most of my inspiration at night, the part of the night when you are asleep but not quite asleep… The most challenging part of writing new material is getting myself out of bed to actually write it down.”  Said Hudacs.

CNL promises to be a night of fun at Rafters and a nice way to relax before finals.