Participation and support are low on campus

I came from a small high school with little to no school spirit and it was disappointing when hardly anyone would participate in activities outside of school.

When coming to college I really wanted to be apart of the school spirit atmosphere like many Division 1 schools have. I really thought that school spirit would be better than it was in high school because the students coming to Millersville chose to come here because they wanted to be here.

This semester the school implemented Marauder Fridays where students are asked to wear school colors on the last Friday of the month. I have hardly seen any one wear our school colors. I know that if Duke or Penn State were asked to wear their school colors they would.

I understand that we are a Division 2 school but come on!

Here is another thing, the BORED? events held each semester hardly have anyone swiping their cards to win prizes. The huge prize this semester was a Wii! Freshman especially should be going to these BORED? events. It is also surprising that people don’t know what the BORED? program is.

Part of having a well-rounded college experience is to be involved in campus sponsored events such as lectures, athletic events, UAB events and fairs. I write events down in my agenda book so when it approaches I know to go to it.

There is plenty of publicity for events because posters are all over the bulletin boards. Sometime stop and look to see what the posters are publicizing. Also, a Ville Events e-mail that is sent out each week so open that up and read it.

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If we keep thinking that school spirit is not important the cycle will continue. Incoming students aren’t stupid. If they see upperclassmen not participating or not going to  school sponsored events they will do just the same.

Next semester make sometime to participate in or support the organizations running these events. They work hard to plan and coordinate events for you to attend.