The sound of the season

On Sunday November 23, Lyte auditorium was filled with the music of the Sonic Synergy Concert.  The concert included an orchestra, concert band, and wind ensemble. The program opened with From Tropic to Tropic. The audience was then entertained with Jubilant Holiday, which was an assortment of holiday favorites played by the Celestial Brass.

The holiday portion of the concert was very well done, it lightened the mood to bring the holiday spirit. The music was obviously well rehearsed and nicely presented to an audience ready to get in the Christmas spirit.

After a mini intermission the concert band came up on stage. The band consisted of 60 wind and percussion players that have been practicing all semester. The instrumentalists came from all different majors on campus to share in the same love of music. They began by playing In Wartime, a long piece directed by Kieth Wiley. Then they finished their section with the joyful song Dance of the Jesters.

After another short intermission, The Wind Ensemble came up on stage to play Lemminkainen’s, Return. This piece told the story of a hero’s epic journey in Finland.

The MU Wind Ensemble plays holiday-theme pieces at its annual holiday concert. Photo by Christian Shuts.
The MU Wind Ensemble plays holiday-theme pieces at its annual holiday concert. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Daniel Heslink, the conductor explained how this piece of music was first played; it was meant to fill the entire town with music and reach everyone’s ears.

The wind ensemble’s goal was to fill Lyte Auditorium with that same kind of feeling.

The wind ensemble is made up of the most experienced players from Millersville University. The 46 members of this band had to go through a intense auditions to be able to be part of the Wind Ensemble.

The concert ended with a performance of the Millersville University Community Orchestra. This orchestra is comprised of Millersville students and community members.

They were directed by Reuben Blundell and played the song Funeral and Triumphal Symphony. The concert ended with a very memorable piece, displaying a wide variety of musical talents.