Wellness may not be healthy for your GPA

I don’t mean to blow my own horn, but I think I am a pretty good student. I’ve worked through all of my general education requirements, even biology and calculus— and I’m an English major! Still, the lowest grade I got in these classes was only a B-. So, you may well ask, why isn’t my GPA higher? One word: Wellness.

I was a hapless first-semester freshman, assigned to the course like so many other freshmen, unpleasantly surprised to find myself back in a combination of high school gym and health class. Nevertheless, I did my best, attending every class despite the awful hike up to Pucillo, and they expected us to exercise after that workout? and the boring lectures on the makeup of fats and proteins. I know what a lipid is, by the way it’s been drilled into me since grade nine, at least!

Nor am I the most athletic of people.

Still, I tried my best in kickball games and dutifully raised my heart rate on the bicycle every week. I even kept a workout log of all the times I went to swim laps in the pool. All of this, however, was for nought. At the end of the semester, after taking two tricky tests and spending far too much time compiling my Wellness portfolio, I received my grade: C-.

All right, I can understand why we have to take Wellness. The university wants to make sure we know how to live a healthy lifestyle, and then feeds us almost solely deep-fried foods in the dining halls.

They want to make sure we get exercise, but apparently once a week in class is enough to satisfy them.

I already have a fairly good background in how nutrition works; I wouldn’t be a healthy vegetarian if I didn’t.

All of that anatomy stuff we learned in high school, is it really necessary to have our excess fat pinched in calipers in front of the whole class?

If the university must insist on making everyone take this useless class, which pertains only to a select few (and uncommon) majors, then it should at least be “Pass/Fail.” Something like calculus at least tests my analytical ability.

Why should I be graded based on my athletic ability? Why should one completely irrelevant course haunt me even until my senior year?

Millersville, a serious re-evaluation of the Wellness curriculum is long overdue.