An Entrepreneurial Leadership Center (ELC) will be established at Millersville University as a part of The Civic and Community Engagement & Research Project (CCERP).

This will help give graduate and undergraduate students the chance to understand economics, especially the development of South Central Pennsylvania.

CCERP was given a grant of $207,000 in order to begin this project, which will run from January 2009 to January 2012.

For future entrepreneurs, the curricular will not only teach entrepreneurial thinking and skills, but will become a sort of “boot camp” for those students interested in such an area.
An entrepreneurial minor is also being considered.

The ELC’s permanent spot on campus is in the CCERP’s Center for Public Impact, which serves as an outreach program to help students find solutions to the problems of the region, nation and even the world.

The new center is sure to fit right in to this category. Because entrepreneurial goals are similar, students will be working together in classes and activities provided by the ELC.
The training sessions and courses will be directed by Dr. Jean Kabongo, business administration.

Kabongo has plenty of experience himself in entrepreneurship, for he was nominated at the end of 2008 to serve on the editorial review board of International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, a journal that  publishes scientific research.

Throughout the development of the ELC, students will be able to witness positive changes throughout the center, from curricular changes to Millersville University students being able to partner up with different members of the community.

The MU business sector has no choice but  to grow exponentially with such a project as the Entrepreneurial Center.

With help from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), the organization who gave the University the grant, it is now possible to prepare students more thoroughly on the subject, releasing confident students into an economy that might not be so confident itself.