Like many students, I ask myself if there is absolute truth. We doubt that nature presents to us a truth beyond our understanding.

During Christmas break I was watching the news one day, and I happened to see the special on the bail out requests by major corporations.

The blunder that was the $700 billion bail out for Wall Street will be around to haunt our generation for years to come, but now we have new bail outs to consider.

Among the most interesting bail out requests is that of the porn industry, which is requesting $5 billion in order to compensate for losses due to the economy. Yes, you read that correctly, the porn business has formed a joint effort, with Hustler as one of the leading crusaders, to get a bail out from the government.

As ludicrous as a porn bail out may sound, let us consider the pattern of the bail out system.

First, we had the Wall Street bail out, then the auto industry, and now there are literally dozens of major corporations seeking aid from the government.

These corporations, and in some cases groups of corporations, are requesting money because of the failing economy. So, if other businesses are able to get government money, why not porn?

First off, understand that I do not support the bail out system at all. I am merely using the porn industry’s request as an odd and interesting example.

I never supported the government bail out, and here is why: it completely contradicts the idea of capitalism. We are a capitalist economy, meaning that some people win and some people lose.

In the case of Wall Street, they gambled, got greedy, and lost big time. The auto industry had a mix of poor product choice and falling victim to the poor economy.

Now, because the government chose to bail out these corporations, there are many other groups lining up to receive some cash.

This is a prime example of socialism, meaning the government has heavier involvement in business to promote equality. Unfortunately, we are a capitalist economy and this bail out system does nothing but contradict the capitalist ideals our country is supposed to follow.

The bail out system, while it is meant to prevent severe economic loss, is only going to promote further greed and dependence on the government.

NASCAR has even received a government bail out, and that is the most popular sport in America.

NASCAR outranks any other spectator sport when it comes to fan base, and they make billions each year off of products and promotions.

Justifying the bail out of a sport is just plain silly, but unfortunately that is the way things seem to be going on in our economy.

The bottom line to this article is that any corporation, regardless of moral or sexual nature, seems to be eligible for a bail out.

If the government will bail out greedy Wall Street executives, there is no reason a bail out for porn should be ignored.

The bail outs themselves are ridiculous, but no discrimination can be shown when it comes to who gets bailed out and who does not. Let’s give smut its cut.