Happy new year everyone! As the great ball of New York City dropped to ring in the new year by kissing a loved one, calling everyone we know while virtually congesting the cell phone networks, and making a new year’s resolution.

Some of us have a resolution of losing weight, being closer to a loved one, avoiding chocolate, or loving ourselves; but are these resolutions we can keep?

Most studies show that, in the first month, the resolution we promised is broken without realizing that we even made the initial commitment.

We focus on the new year’s day to announce to ourselves and others that we have established a resolution to somehow better ourselves this coming year; however, as we all find out, it becomes harder to commit to our resolutions like we commit to our classes or friends. Using this information, it is safe to infer that our resolutions seem to be fads rather than a resolute hope for change.

So if you feel that there is a commitment that you can’t keep, because you want to emphasize you did one, then try not to do it.

There’s no pressure on not having one, and helps to avoid and face the upset that you failed on your resolution.

So what’s the smartest resolution that most can succeed in without creating a disappointment for you? The most successful new year’s resolution is to learn your mistakes in last year.

We must acknowledge that what we hoped, expected, and wished for,  is not what we would have liked to have happened at most times; and how things have happened whether a cause of our own or not; is not always our fault that mistakes have happened.
We must observe that things happen for a reason, and learn from these mistakes and hope that things change for the better from these lessons learned.

Lessons learned are a part of growing and development that your parents and grandparents have all gone through and later become our role models even till today to guide and lead us to a life so that we may not experience the same hurt they have.

So it’s best to take what may come, for you never know what’s to come later in time, for those who suffer, the best saying I have heard that can best relate to past years are, “Those who succeed will fail and those who fail will succeed.”