I am here to firmly grasp all of the Obama supporters, take their heads out of the clouds, and plant both feet firmly back on the ground.

Although the Obama administration is a remarkable thing for the history of the U.S.A., it does not have any effect on the most important part of America.

The most important part of America is not the workforce or the freedom we have to vote.
The most important part of America is the hearts of the American people. The hearts of the American people have been slowly drifting away from the morale centered attitude we previously had.

The Bush Administration established this idea of a “stimulus package,” and as we have seen, it did not work. So Obama is taking a bad Bush policy, and claiming it as his own, as if he has a higher level of insight on the market situation than Bush.

No one can predict the future of the market, and Obama is saying that he’s going to put through a stimulus package which is more than 10 times as big as the Bush administration in hopes of change. The burden will be on the taxpayers, which enslaves us to the government. This is taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor, in essence, socialism.

If you take money from someone that deserves it because they worked hard and used their money wisely, you are penalizing someone that does not rightfully deserve it.
Also, who are they giving this to but the poor and the needy. Most of the reason poor people are poor is because they do not use their money wisely.

Now I understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that someone might find themselves in that lay waste to their savings.

However, for the rest of the poor, they do not deserve the money. It is immoral to force someone to give up their hard earned money to something they do not wish to give their money to. This leads me to my final question, does the government know what’s best for my money, or do I know better than the government?

Does the government know what charities I am fond of, or does it distribute the money “willy-nilly” to anyone that asks?

This question is answered simply by the fact that Congress is beginning to find out they never kept a good tab on where the money was going.

A huge investigation has followed to see where this 800 billion dollars has been spent.
It can not simply have disappeared, it must have been stolen, which I think all of us can agree is wrong.