Does society know what is best?

Since the beginning of time, men and women have conformed to how society wants them to live. Society is looked upon for guidance, knowledge and success.

It is important to most of us that we base our decision making and intuition on the manner of society.

Society tells us we must live and obey certain laws or practice ideology that society deems worthy to practice, then we will succeed as humans.

Society may even tell us that we must go against our maker or truth, to overcome obstacles that may come our way.

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For example, President Barrack Obama is rescinding former President Bush’s ban on abortion act and asking Americans to unite to support such a heinous act through taxes. If we decide to not conform to human society, then we may not go as far as we planned in the first place.

It is an obligation to follow the law even if it means to counter our knowledge of the truth if we want to partake in freedom.

Let me ask this question, would you rather stand by the truth or conform to an immoral idea? Think about the Germans during Hitler’s reign; Germany’s conformity to society’s evil lead to the death of 12 billion human lives during the Nazi regime.

We must follow the laws of our land and even support the president for his successful term, but we must not be lead to follow society’s laws at the same time. What if those laws lead to destruction?

I notice that people will follow the group because they do not want to lose friends or be looked down upon.

Think about this, if society told you to jump off a bridge, are you going to conform to it’s law in order to succeed?

Where will you go if you jump? Will society lead you to success, or could there be possible surprises that may not look too pleasing?

I would rather seek out the right answer to life rather than fall with society. Society is a place we can look up to, but we must think and analyze what society is asking us to give up. Society is not perfect, so it does not know the future, and the answer to every question so look up to something higher than what society tells you.

Remember, conformity has lead many nations to their fall because society forced them to obey laws that defiled nature throughout history.