I understand waking up for class and running late, trying to find the shortest route to your destination across campus. But, is it truly necessary for students to be walking across Millersville’s frozen pond?

Individuals transporting themselves across a frozen pond in Southern Pennsylvania make as much sense as deer looking both ways before crossing the street.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce some facts: The Midwest Lakes Policy Center says in North America, 4-5 individuals die falling through ice every year. Ice also needs to be four inches thick to support a human.

The chance of ice crumbling and you drowning to your death is just as likely as timely warnings getting out to everyone.

Seriously though, what compels someone to believe that the pond is frozen over enough to casually walk across it? I cannot decide if it invokes a rush for some, or just a dare with horrible outcome potential.

Remember, we are in Lancaster County, not the Arctic Circle. Our weather seems to be as stable as Wall Street. Let us take this week’s past temperatures for example.

From Monday to Wednesday, the average high temperature was 28 degrees. On Thursday, the temperature shot up to 43 degrees and Friday up to 52 degrees.

Remember, 32 degrees is the freezing point of water. Statistically, this week would not be the smartest to cross a frozen pond. Is your trust still in the ice?

I know I might be coming off as a bit cynical here, but come on people, we’re receiving a college education for a reason.

We are a bit smarter than Joe the Paver. Though it may look exhilarating and fun to walk on, the ice is not as stable as you may think.

Please, use common sense from now on and stay on the path made of concrete.