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Tired of reading? Come see Shakespeare in action as University Theatre brings “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” to life. Proteus and Valentine, the two gentlemen, are young men learning of love and friendship as they journey to Milan.

Although both men end up in the same city, the paths taken are quite different.  Proteus, love stricken by Julia, does not wish to travel with Valentine on his search of knowledge and life experience.

He is content with his life in Verona and wishes for nothing more than to be able to love.  Valentine, on the other hand, is ready for new beginnings and sets off on his journey.

Due to unforeseen advisement from his friend, Valentine, Proteus’ father sends him to Milan. Upon arrival in Milan, Proteus finds Valentine in love with Sylvia, the Duke’s daughter.  Shakespeare’s work takes a turn for the dramatic as Proteus also falls in love with Sylvia as well. All the while it is obvious that Sylvia is in love with Valentine and although she is sworn to Thurio by her father, she stops at nothing to be with the one she loves.

Meanwhile back in Verona, Julia is missing her beloved Proteus and disguises herself as a man, named Sebastian, in order to travel to Milan.  Upon reaching Milan, Julia in disguise becomes Proteus’ “servant” and finds out about his romance with Sylvia.

There are several other characters that thicken the plot and make this work one of Shakespeare’s most entertaining comedies. With a seventies style flavor this show is sure to be one not to miss, as it is brought to life in Rafters Theatre this February.

This production of “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” is full of colorful scenery, costumes and characters and is directed by Tony Elliot and designed by Victor Capecce.

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