Campus Recreation has a new tool that will provide students with better organization and communication for intramural sports.  The service is called Athleague and is being used for the first time this semester by Millersville University.

The website allows team captains to create their own team page where team members can join to get up-to-date schedules and information about intramurals.  To sign up, simply go to and click “sign up now.”

This new system benefits both students already active in intramurals, and those who are looking to play.  Signing up will give you access to every team that participates and will give students the opportunity to find a team to play with.  Current players should search for their team in order to keep up with schedules and game changes.  After joining their intramural team, players will be able to view their team profile which includes a team roster, message board, team schedule and statistics.  Athleague gives the option for players to receive notifications by email or cell phone.  The new intramural experience provides students with a fresh look and a fun way to interact with their teammates.

The top advantage to the change over to Athleague has been how much easier it has made interacting with everyone involved with intramurals.

“The best thing so far about the service has been communication,” Coordinator of Intramurals, Natosha Harris said.  “For the past ten years, we were only able to contact captains of teams.  Now we are able to contact everyone, not just the captain.”

Before Athleague, intramurals had to contact every captain to notify them of changes, which was a slow ineffective process.  If captains were unable to be reached the entire team would not know about cancellations or time changes.

“The new website provides fast communication to every member of the team,” Harris said.  “Anytime we update a schedule or make a change, notifications are sent out to tell everyone what has changed.  Students who want even faster communication should set up their account so they will receive text message alerts.”

Athleague has already become popular with intramural players.  Sign-ups started in January and 280 players have already joined the service.  Jason Presto, an intramural captain for three years, enjoys the new website.

“I like Athleague a lot,” Presto said. “It gives you access to all the free agents so if you need another player you can find someone easier.  Every player has direct connection to announcements from intramurals and you can easily access every team member so they know what’s going on.  The interaction is similar to Facebook.”

The layout of the website is also similar to Facebook which makes navigation easier.
Each player gets their own player profile with the ability to upload a picture or supply contact information and interests.

For more information about Athleague, contact the Campus Recreation Office at 717-872-3960.