The Science and Math Department at Millersville University is currently searching for a new dean to replace Dr. Edward Shane following his retirement.

A search committee of 11 members from the Millersville faculty and staff are responsible for finding a new dean for the department. The search committee includes a student representative, a dean and a vice president.

Over 30 applications have been received over for the position of dean. Dr. Richard Clark, department chairman for the earth sciences department and professor of meteorology is heading the search committee.

The main duties for which the dean of the math and science department is responsible is to be a leader and provide direction to the other staff members.

The dean is also responsible for helping to encourage faculty in their professional research and instruction in the areas of the earth sciences, computer science, chemistry, biology, nursing, physics and mathematics.

“The dean is directly responsible to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for the overall operations of the School,” said Dr. Clark.

The dean’s position also entails a keen role in advocating both the math and the science department.

The dean also must be willing to acquire, “Academic vision which includes both preservation of the best in liberal arts tradition and ideas for the future development of disciplines within the school,” says Dr. Clark.

The dean will also be held accountable for bringing in outside groups and organizations, as well as speaking at forums and during meetings with faculty and staff.

Dr. Edward Shane is retiring after 10 years in the position of Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics.

During his retirement, he will spend time with his wife, Carol, volunteering and traveling.
Dr. Shane is currently the vice president and treasurer of the board for the Lancaster Science Factory.

“His management style is one of building consensus in ways that are fair and transparent, with no hidden agendas,” said Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark also commented on Dr. Shane’s outstanding leadership abilities and talent to aide in the enrollment of more students in the department of math and science. Dr. Shane has also helped raise the amount of students that participate in undergraduate research.

“He leaves this position with Millersville science and mathematics programs ‘second to none’ in a comparison with other PASSHE institutions and many other regional colleges and universities,” said Dr. Clark.

Dr. Shane has helped to raise Millersville to a level of national recognition for several programs in the department. The math and science department would like the new dean to continue Dr. Shane’s successes and, “Would like the future dean to build on these strengths, and with his own management and leadership style, bring the school to the next level of quality, performance and recognition,” said Dr. Clark.

The search for a new dean is on schedule and has not experienced any major problems.
However, the committee has been experiencing slight trouble scheduling meetings due to the overwhelming obligations of the majority of the members.

Dr. Clark said that he is part of a “dedicated group committed to ensuring a successful search and a seamless transition.”

The new dean will take over the position on July 1. An administrative staff will assist the new dean in adjusting to his position.

Dr. Clark reiterates that the University has provided a budget for finding the committee as well as ensuring a diverse applicant pool. “This is an extremely important position of leadership at Millersville. We are committed to getting the best possible candidates for on-campus interviews,” said Dr. Clark.

Interviews for the new applicant will take place on campus during the week of Feb. 9 and will be completed before spring break, depending the on weather.