Signs of Scarlet, a local Christian alternative band, performed an intimate acoustic set for Millersville residents at Javateas on Fredrick street in Millersville on Friday Jan. 23.

Signs of Scarlet describes themselves as “a rock/metal band from Lancaster that infuses the band members’ different and evolving sounds to create a unique style of rock” says guitarist Tyler Hornberger.

The coffee house was packed with both faithful fans and new listeners alike.
With a packed house and hardly any room to walk, the show started at 8p.m. with claps and cheers from the audience.

The low key night starred Hornberger and Bobby Bradley who traded in their electric guitars, loud amplifiers and crazy onstage antics for acoustic guitars and a more mellow of a night.

“I think more people like to come to the big shows, and it’s easier to share your music that way and going to the big concerts is always fun. But my heart lies in the Indie rock and acoustic set scene. There is more of a connection there,” Hornberger said.

Javateas was jam-packed with people, making the night exciting with the live music, but it was still a relaxing time with great coffee and a beautiful setting.

“I love playing at Javateas. This has been our sixth time playing here. It’s got a very small and intimate feel to it. It makes it easy to interact with the crowd,” Hornberger said of his time at the coffeehouse.

Signs of Scarlet plays new and old to a full house at Javateas Friday night. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Signs of Scarlet plays new and old to a full house at Javateas Friday night. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Hornberger and Bradley played a set of 20 songs, which can be found on their upcoming CD.

The crowd clapped and cheered and seemed to enjoy the night, especially their hits ‘Faces’ and ‘Show Me.’

Even without the bright spotlight, raised stage and the thrill of the bigger concerts that they are used to, there was still a lot of energy and electricity given by the two members who poured their heart and soul out with every strum.

Signs of Scarlet fan Courtney Mease said, “It was really crowded because Javateas is a tight space but they always put on a good show when they are there.”

Hornberger and Bradley closed the coffeehouse show to throngs of cheers and applause.

“I had a great time tonight. It was a lot of fun. There were so many people crammed into this small space but it was awesome and we all had a good time,” Mease said.
Signs of Scarlet will be playing again in the area at Club 19 in York, Pa on March 20.