Run a mile (or 60) in Brittney Zuver’s shoes

January 28, 2009 0

The practice of running is hard work, even for Millersville track athlete Britney Zuver. The junior was talked into participating in track after she ran one of the fastest female mile times in her eighth grade class.

Lockdown policies in review

January 28, 2009 1

Doors are locked and students and faculty are told to stay in one place until they receive the all clear. With text messages lighting up every phone, information is received by students and faculty to inform them of what is going on outside the room.

CD review: Listen to Neil Young

January 28, 2009 0

Neil Young has been around for a long time. Aside from looking at old publicity photos of Young from the 60s, it’s kind of hard to imagine ol’ Neil as a young man, or as anything less than the rock and roll icon he is today. I mean, dude, Neil Young! Rockin’ in the free world! Harvest! Cinnamon Girl! I think it’s safe to say he’s put out somewhere around 800 albums since the 60s, and this newest live album, “Sugar Mountain,” has quickly become one of my favorites in recent days.

MU Theater Presents…

January 28, 2009 0

Tired of reading? Come see Shakespeare in action as University Theatre brings “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” to life. Proteus and Valentine, the two gentlemen, are young men learning of love and friendship as they journey to Milan.

"Missing Monday" classes get mixed responses from professors and students

January 28, 2009 0

Were you one of the students who was required to attend class this past Friday evening or Saturday? The “missing Monday”, which was provided as an opportunity to pay tribute to Martin Luther King Day Jr., is a result of the University’s adoption of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s (PASSHE) Common Calendar.

New website for intramural athletes

January 28, 2009 0

Campus Recreation has a new tool that will provide students with better organization and communication for intramural sports. The service is called Athleague and is being used for the first time this semester by Millersville University.

Marauders losing streak reaches five

January 28, 2009 0

What a difference a year makes. At this point in the season last year, the Millersville men’s basketball team was 13-5 and in good position to make it to the postseason for a second consecutive year.

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