Baseball lockers paired with childcare

Where are MU’s Priorities? Losing Childcare Services for Locker Rooms.

The Elizabeth Jenkins Early Childhood Center, around for the last 30 years, will be closing its doors at the end of the 2009 spring semester with no plans for a future child-care service center.

In place of the only child-care service center available for university students, faculty and staff parents, Millersville University will be providing the baseball team with new locker rooms.

What are the priorities of Millersville University? To enhance the baseball team facilities or to provide greater access to education for student-parents and convenience for university faculty and staff?
As a top-ranked institution for education, this university should be offering an accessible and well-respected center for child-care.

Without such a facility, the university is detracting from the potential experience of education majors as well as lowering the value of their degree.

We all know parents are concerned about the well-being of their children and the care being provided while the parents are at work or class. Having a local center relieves this stress on university parents.

It also displays that the university values the importance of families. By offering affordable child-care services, the university opens its doors to more student-parents who otherwise would not be able to enroll or finish their education.

Establishing such a center allows greater accessibility to education and subsequently improves the welfare of the community leading to greater prosperity.

The facility would create stronger unity within the Millersville campus and community at large.

As a leading education institution, this facility would add to the strength and experience of the  educational leaders this university proudly produces for the local and national communities.

In order for the university to maintain its national recognition, it must continue to support the University in being successful by providing them with necessary child-care.

We are proposing that the university establish a new child-care center for the benefit of all student, faculty and staff parents. In order to accomplish this, we need the support and solidarity of the community including campus individuals, clubs, organizations  and the administration.

The success of the proposal depends upon the strong collaborative efforts of university parents, education majors and concerned others in vocalizing the dire need for such a facility.

Right now it is important for all parents, education majors and concerned persons to contact letting us know that you would benefit from this service and/or would support this establishment by investing financially or with personal time.

To sum up the issue, the end of this semester will see the loss of the sole childcare provider available for university parents with no future plans of a new facility.

We recognize the value of this facility and realize that the university must respond to this newly created void. We will offer a proposed solution in the next issue, which will benefit parents, the university and its reputation.

Josh Redd, senior
Emily Berg,senior
Kelly Florczak, junior

Be Fair to Bill Ayers

It concerns me a great deal to think that the appearance of Bill Ayres at Millersville University may be revoked due to those who view him in a negative light. This is America.

We are all entitled to our opinions. So, those who are opposed can oppose, but those who support Mr. Ayres welcome him and look forward to hearing his lecture.

I expect  fair and balanced coverage, not  negative finger-pointing. It is a sad and frightening day for our country when freedom of speech is stifled.

Sherry Wolfe,
Lancaster Coalition
for Peace and Justice

Future coverage on Ayers

It has come to my attention that Bill Ayers will be giving a lecture on education at MU.

I have been hearing some worrying things though from other students on campus– that some groups are interested in trying to have the university revoke his invitation on the grounds that his presence would “harm” the university and local political groups in one way or another.

As an alumni, I am concerned that revoking an innocent person’s right to speak about education at MU would not be an appropriate action by the university or any student group.

I feel that this would be a form of censorship seeing that the folks I am hearing this from are Democrats and have political motivations for any such ban.

I was told that his appearance could hurt the image of the local Democrats in the area.

I would hope that the Snapper will cover “both”/all sides of this issue in any forthcoming newspaper.

John Schreck,
Millersville Alumni, 2005