It seems like everyone is reading Scott Pilgrim these days, and everyone who isn’t, should be. With the movie in production with an all-star cast and crew announced including Edgar Wright as director and Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, people are getting excited about this comic book. Brian Lee O’Malley tells the story of a 24-year-old Canadian boy who tries to get things right, but more often than not gets them wrong.

Everyone knows someone like Scott, which makes him all the more lovable.

In the first four books we learn that in order to be with the woman of his dreams, American girl Ramona Flowers, Scott must fight her seven evil exes. These exes are trained in everything from martial arts to psychic veganism, and Scott has to beat at least one of them per book.

While dealing with these evil exes, Scott also has to deal with such normal difficulties as getting a job, finding an apartment, being in a band, and having friends.

Scott Pilgrim 5: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe is no different than the others. Scott has to fight two evil exes and their robots. But c’mon, he’s Scott Pilgrim, he can handle it. The robots and evil exes he can handle, but can he handle actually being in a relationship with Ramona? In this book more than any of the others, their relationship is in peril, and for once it’s not just Scott’s fault.

The head of Ramona’s evil exes, Gideon, hangs like a dark cloud over them. Ramona develops a strange and shiny condition whenever she feels the need to flee; something which does not bode well for their future as a couple. Will all the fights have been in vain?

This is by far the saddest of the Scott Pilgrim series. It still has the same fun flavor with all the references to video games and music, but it seems like all the characters are getting tired. The band, which was always a source of great amusement in the books, is now recording. And when they do finally play a live show, it does not go as well as their previous shows did. With less of Scott’s old roommate Wallace around, there are less laughs, and there are less laughs in general. But that does not make Scott Pilgrim 5 any less of a good read. On the contrary, it makes the series better.

The characters behave like people actually would. They develop, act irrationally, and  change their minds about things.

If you like video game references (example: whenever Scott defeats an ex-coins appear), music, comic books or Canada, you should probably check out Scott Pilgrim. It is a very entertaining series that promises to become something that people  talk about for a long time.