Pushing its way to the top of the box-office

Walking into the theatre, I was really excited for the movie Push. But to my demise, the movie started out slow.  It was hard to swallow all the surreal things people could do. The movie starts off with young Nick, the main character being advised by his dad.

Then a few years later we see Nick played by Chris Evans trying to win a dice game with his telekinetic powers. Then he remembers the words of his father when he meets a little girl that gives him a white flower. She has special future telling skills  and is trying to help her mother.

Their goal soon becomes to find a girl that can lead them to a case that contains a medical injection to enhance their special powers. The problem is that it kills them. Now who would want this to happen? The Agency, the bad guys in this movie are trying to find people with these special powers to survive this injection and then use them.

Nick and Cassie find them selves trying to fight off members of the agency as they look for the girl that will lead them to the medicine. Once they find the girl they were looking for, Kira Hudson, played by Camilla Belle, they realize that she does not have the injection they need. What they instead find is the agency following them.

In this movie, Dakota Fanning plays one of the most mature roles of her career. She is seen taking down the Agency with her powerful gun skills. Kira then gets trapped by the agency and they convince her that she is one of them. Being a “pusher,” or a person that is able to implant ideas and memories into people’s heads, she convinces Nick they do not know each other and there is no hope.

Almost giving up, Nick comes up with a new plan that might help save Cassie’s mom. In the end, all is resolved and the loose ends are tied up. This movie can be a little confusing, plot-wise, but otherwise it is a pretty good movie. I suggest seeing this movie because it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats full with suspense.

The ending is the most important because it brings everything together and makes sense of the entire movie, but don’t take my word for. Go see it for yourself.