When you think about America, what comes to your mind?  Freedoms, dreams, competitions, opportunities, or maybe the simple notion of “life” pop into your head.
Recently, my mindset has gone from a vibrant state of mighty virtue to a dilapidated excuse for democracy.

The strength which has thrived in this great country has seemingly started to cripple itself slowly.  The government of these United States is the crippling factor to which I am alluding to.

The individuals we rely on everyday to carry out our laws, better our schools, and collect our taxes apparently are lurking in the abstract of human intelligence.

A socialist cloud is casting a shadow over the new stimulus bill.  A bill that will affect every single American must be called into question.  Matters such as universal health care, capped salaries of private bank executives, bad assets being owned and possibly resold by the government for profit, and government specified spending of private banks are only a portion of what the new stimulus bill is proposing.

The possibility of this bill passing in the coming weeks is extremely likely.  On Jan. 28, the House approved the bill with a vote of 244-188.  Out of the 244 votes favoring the bill, not one was Republican.  The same scene played itself out in the Senate on Tuesday, with a 61-37 vote. Only three of the 61 favorable votes were republican.

The rush of this bill through Congress en route to the president should antagonize every American.  The founding fathers knew that long deliberation on topics was a must for a strong government.

With many economists believing that the end of the recession could range from mid-2009 to lengths of the Great Depression is a nerve-piercing thought.  But why must Congress rush such a powerful bill?

A bill of this magnitude should encompass the thoughts of all political parties, not just one.  Obama preaches of his eagerness to step across those party lines and listen to beneficial conversation with all delegates.  Then why is not he paying attention to ideas on the other side of the aisle directed toward the bill?

Republican psyche definitely does not believe in the stimulus bill.  Republicans believe more tax cuts towards businesses situated in America and the American people, along with less spending, will help stimulate the economy.  This is not a time for two parties to clash and leave the American people caught in the middle of a dog fight.

A true American will step outside of the box of political affiliation and take a look at both sides.  Yes, America is in the worst trouble she has seen since the Great Depression.

Yes, we need our government more than ever.  But are we truly ready to give up the one thing that makes us Americans: democracy?