Traditional liberalism dying

Traditional liberalism is the liberalism of labor unions, social security, unemployment insurance  and outsourcing of jobs. These are examples of policies championed by the traditional liberals.

It’s heavily based on populism, and championing the rights of the working class. This base is consisted of actual members of the working class.

Then there is New Age liberalism, which is concerned with particular issues like climate change, gender or racial injustice (perceived or real) and gay marriage.

This base consists of Hollywood actors, college graduates and people who work in highly verbal occupations like law, education or marketing. These fields, I might add, have complex barriers to entry so they do not have to worry about being outsourced or competing with someone willing to work for less money.

The Democratic Party is where all these liberals gather together, but it is an uncomfortable alliance because the poor Democrats are concerned mostly with traditional liberalism while the more privileged Democrats are mostly concerned with New Ageliberalism.

I believe that traditional liberalism is on the decline; this is bad news for the nation. This is demonstrated very well by the wedding pages of the New York Times.

If you notice, only people worthy of having their wedding announced in the New York Times are those from the proper social class. It is all based on the educational credentials, occupations, and residential location of the bride, the groom, and their parents. Do not take my word for it; pick up a copy of the New York Times and see for yourself.

The New York Times is tagged as a liberal paper, but its wedding pages are the complete opposite of traditional liberalism which was about the struggle between the working class and the capitalists.

The editorial pages of the New York Times nominally support labor unions, but the wedding pages would never publish the wedding of a blue-collar, labor union guy.

Traditional liberalism is dying and being replaced by New Age liberalism. This new liberalism can be reactionary with respect to social class. Under the new liberalism are people who support taking action against climate change and ending discrimination against homosexuals.

Luxury “green” hotels are another great example of New Age liberalism totally divorced from traditional-liberal roots. The new age liberal traveler who stays at the “green” luxury hotel feels no shame in having armies of poor people serve them, so long as the soap is organic and there are no plastic cups.

Of course, there is the Employee Free Choice Act—a traditional liberal issue currently being discussed in congress and it may have a good chance of being signed into law. Maybe I am wrong on this issue, I sure hope so.

Ken Klipowicz, MU ‘06

Child care center proposal ideas

In a previous issue we announced the closing of the Jenkins Childhood Center and discussed the issues associated with that. We would now like to propose our ideas for a new child-care center.

We would like to see a center open up adjacent to the campus, allowing for convenient contact between parents, their children,and the staff caring for the children.

We hope to see the facility open to children between the ages of two and six, as a pre-schooling opportunity for children before they head to kindergarten. Sliding-scale payment options would be available to allow parents of varying income equal accessibility to this much needed child-care service.

The closing of the Jenkins Center will see the loss of a number of jobs, but the new facility would provide the Jenkins Center staff with the opportunity for re-hire through the new child-care center.

We would also encourage parents to volunteer a small amount of their time at the child-care center. This would alleviate some costs and allow more beneficial parent-child contact, thus strengthening bonds.

The new child-care center will create many benefits for the Millersville University students and community. As a top-ranked education university, the facility will be offering co-op programs for education majors. This will provide excellent in-field experience for Millersville University students, which the school can take great pride in.
By expanding and enhancing the education department, the University is increasing the value of their degrees and preparing students for graduation.

While the specific costs of renovating a building are not known, we would like to begin generating needed funds with the help of the campus community. We would like to ask the call center at the Duncan Alumni House to request specific donations for this project.
Also, we will have a table at campus fests providing project information and collecting donations. In addition to other events, we would like to organize our own fund-raising event to make this project a reality.

Beyond this, the school should provide grant money to ease the burden of the costs on the community.The removal of the Jenkins School has put children and parents in a difficult situation. This creates many issues for parents attending school or working.

The new child-care center would not only provide a close center, available for students, faculty and staff, but would also greatly improve and enhance opportunities for education majors.

Not only will this project greatly benefit parents on campus; it will also bring stronger unity within the local and campus community.

Emily Berg, ‘09
Kelly Florczak, ‘10
Josh Redd, ‘09

Ayers, role model for students?

As an alumnus of Millersville University, I’d like to share the following from a documentary film entitled, The Weather Underground by Sam Green and Bill Siegel:
William Ayers was a co-founder and active member of The Weathermen.

They became a marginalized, radical leftist group of dedicated revolutionaries who opposed the Vietnam War, believed that world revolution was imminent, and wanted to overthrow the American government.  William Ayers said, “Some people felt, literally, the bigger the mess we could make, the better.

Whatever destructive activity we could do against the government, the better.”  They then went into hiding and became known as the Weather Underground.  From 1971-1975, The Weather Underground bombed 15 buildings throughout America, ranging from New York City Police Headquarters to the U.S. Capitol.

Gil Smart seems to think that those opposed to William Ayers’s visit have a 40 year grievance against him.  In an April 2002 college radio interview, Ayers said, “I considered myself partly an anarchist then, and I consider myself partly an anarchist now.  I find a lot of the ideas in anarchism appealing.

I’m as much an anarchist as I am a Marxist.” Does that sound like ancient history?Some have defended Ayers’ visit by defending his right to free speech.

And, yes, his right to free speech is part of the beauty of America.  However, I am amazed that Millersville University can’t come up with a more respectable role model to speak with its students and address the re-vamping of its urban education program.

Lisa Morgan
Lancaster County Resident

International Friends are beneficial to have around

The Lancaster area has become a magnet for people from many nations.  Millersville University is blessed to be included in some of this diversity with students coming from all over Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.  Some international students have a wonderful time here, but a large number, over 70 percent, never see the inside of an American home.

The Millersville University International House provides a unique cross-cultural living experience for about half of MU’s international students, but others are in housing or dorms around campus, not to mention a large immigrant population.

Sensitivity to the ways of other cultures is essential in many businesses that employ or interact with people from other nations.

What better place and time to begin practicing multicultural hospitality than here and now?

In my neighborhood, I recently talked to a Chinese lady who has a one-year-old boy.  She said she didn’t know anyone around her and stayed inside the whole time with her child.

This made her more than a little depressed, and sadly she sometimes found herself taking out frustrations on her boy.

She was so relieved to meet an American whose family would not only befriend her, but also connect her with others who had children of a similar age.

A college student from Vietnam heard about our international friendship partners and  was so happy because before she had gone from school to home with no American friendships.

You might think that internationals should take the initiative, but for many of them this goes against the grain of their culture or personality.  Thus, as a host culture, we can make a positive difference by being the inviters.

Our organization, International Friendship Association, was started for the purpose of fostering friendship between Americans and internationals from a Christian foundation.

America is moving from a largely monolingual population to one that encompasses more and more languages, ethnic heritages and people who are bilingual, trilingual or more.
Some Nepali Bhutanese refugee friends who moved here, speak Nepalese, Bhutanese, Hindi and English quite fluently!

Often in Africa there is one’s tribal language, then perhaps Swahili or Arabic or, and English or French.   My high school U.S. History III teacher made us memorize the names and locations of all the non-island countries in the world.

I am so thankful to him because internationals really love it when you know a bit about their country or show interest in learning.

It doesn’t take too much time with a map and brief atlas to learn enough to avoid embarrassing questions people have asked internationals, like who is the president of Africa, which is a continent not a country.

We love to encourage people of any belief system to go outside their comfort zone and befriend people from other countries.

The reward on both sides can be great as internationals gain a friend who cares, and we gain a different cultural perspective on life.

If you would be interested in learning more about befriending internationals or if you are an international or immigrant wishing for a friendship partner or to come to Friday International Gathering at our home, feel free to contact us.

We are Christians who believe in freedom of choice regarding religion, including whether you like to talk about that subject or not!

Whether you get to meet us or not, I hope you’ll take the challenge of being a more hospitable, risk-taking person in regard to cross-cultural friendships. You will not regret it.

Scott and Taeko Bronner
Co-Founders, Int’l
Friendship Association