Every day humans face trials that seem intimidating and daunting. For example, I live a life of constant rejection because I appear weak to the human mind.

After all, rejection is only given to those who seem “unworthy” of being placed high on the pedestal of life. Why do people go through trials? What is the purpose of a trial? Is it to strengthen their integrity?

Or is it to demonstrate their weakness? Is a trial supposed to open the mind to a better future, or is it a way to demonstrate dependence on a higher being?

For those who do not face trials, congratulations, how lucky you must be. You never need to be challenged with hardships, and because of that you may become very successful and strong willed, but what about the people who do face those trials?

Men and women hope trials do not come their way because they do not want to appear weak or unintelligent.

However, people who encounter trials seem to be stronger, or even more dependent, on someone higher than themselves. Look at the people of the Middle East.

The citizens who suffer in the Middle East seem to have a driving force that allows them to have the endurance needed to persevere. What gives them that endurance? Is it their self-conscience, or is it something more powerful than what we would expect?

Endurance is a special gift given to certain people because, for some unknown reason, they can walk through the pile of trash that continues to flood their lives, for example, persecution and the loss of housing and citizens.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the fittest survive, and to us, the people in this community do not seem to be the fittest.

However, are they the weakest? Can you live a life of rejection or depravity? Can you wake up knowing that people will laugh at you or call you unintelligent or inferior? If you live in fear of constant rejection, are you stronger than those who can stand up against it but need the assistance of a powerful being?

Next time you are walking by someone with a wheel chair, see  people who have no friends or even just talk to me, think about people like us who face trials and ask them, “How do you live knowing you will be rejected by society?”

The answer to that question is simple: Faith. Through faith we know that rejection and depravity, even weakness, cannot defeat faith because the one who gives us faith is not created by us, rather by something more powerful.

You may wonder who gives you that faith, but I guarantee you that the one who gives me that driving force or faith to endure trials is my life support.

Without this faith or driving force I would not be where I am today.