Millersville University has plans to build a Visual Arts and Performance Center in the near future.

It will be located near Lyte Auditorium and will be the main facility for the music, theater and art departments.

There are plans to have an art gallery with a full-time director as well as a technical director. According to Dr. Ben Cunningham, assistant professor in the art department, Breidenstine Hall cannot always meet the needs of artists whose work they would like to feature. With this new facility, artists will have the space, climate control and security to display their art.

The University is hoping the Visual Arts and Performance Center will become a point of destination. Instead of tourists traveling to larger cities to immerse themselves in the arts, they will now travel to Millersville.

Housed in one building will be a theater, art gallery and concert hall.

Students majoring in the arts will ideally be housed in the dorms closest to this new facility. This will produce a high caliber creative community that will benefit current and future students as well as the community.

Dr. Cunningham would like the new facility to, “be abuzz with activity and creativity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

There is currently a committee of 14 faculty and staff members meeting to discuss the logistics of what the center will need to provide.

It is led by Dr. Kelsey K. Backles, director of counseling and human development.

Dr. Backles is able to lend unbiased insight into the planning since her department does not benefit from said plans.

The committee is talking to both faculty and staff members to decide what each department will require.

It is due to present the proposal to the cabinet at the end of March.

Dr. Cunningham adds that the state of the economy will inevitably play a role in the outcome of the center.