Rock bands bring Club de'Ville to life

The party scene was in full swing on Friday, Feb. 20, leaving the campus deserted. The Club de ‘Ville was having its own party in the form of a rock concert. There, a fairly large crowd gathered to see Goodbye Sunrise and Composure, the two performing bands. Both bands lit up the Club de ‘Ville with incredibly well-written songs that take a departure from most of today’s music.

The first band, starting at 9 p.m., was Goodbye Sunrise, a three-person band from Philadelphia. This group was very lively on stage and gave the audience a sense of involvement. They played several of their songs such as “Drive”, “Between the Lines” and “Yellow Ribbons.” Loud but amazing, they gave the audience a good time and prepared them for the next band, Composure.

Composure, a four-person band from Pittsburgh, was the real star of the show. Playing songs like “Tabula Rusa” and “Opinions are expected”, left the audience in awe. The fast beats and soaring guitar notes made the Club de ‘Ville vibrate with each sound, like the room itself was being brought to life by their music.

Pittsburgh band "Composure" rocks out at Club de'Ville. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Pittsburgh band "Composure" rocks out at Club de'Ville. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Effortlessly transitioning between seven songs, Composure brought a close to their performance. Afterwards, many still remained to get free pins and buy T-shirts or CDs. Some also went to talk one-on-one with the band to ask them about their music or other related topics.

Even after the show was over many people were still discussing the show. “It was very enjoyable,” said Emily Schneider, a sophomore who attended the show. “I thought they played well,” said DJ Hoffman another sophomore.

Overall, even though the quiet hush of the weekend had already begun to roll in, these bands provided a very entertaining and amazing evening. I personally hope that they will return and play for us again.